Should You Repair or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Commercial and industrial roofs are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. Pests, neglect, heavy impacts, and severe storms can all take their toll on your building’s rooftop.

When your commercial facility suffers roof damage, it makes sense to hope a minor repair will do the trick. A commercial roof replacement is no small task; you want to be sure it’s what you need before committing all those funds and hours to the project.


On the other hand, merely repairing a roof that really needs to be replaced could have catastrophic consequences the next time a storm hits.

Here’s what to consider when deciding if your building’s roof needs a patch job or a total replacement. For an expert opinion, reach out for a free estimate from the pros at Paramount Commercial Roofing.


  1. Location of the Damage

Where is the worst of the damage? Can you see it from the street? Could water leak onto your inventory or cause an electrical short? Is the underlying support system affected, or just the top commercial roofing layer?

If the damaged area isn’t visible to customers and isn’t in a location that could cause serious problems in the event of a leak, commercial roof repair might be all you need.


  1. Extent of the Damage

How bad is the damage? Does it go all the way down to the decking? Are you missing a ton of shingles?

Think about it this way: you wouldn’t put a band-aid on a broken leg. Similarly, a patch job can’t solve extensive injury to the roof. If you can see your roof’s bones underneath the wrecked outer layer, you’re likely looking at a roofing replacement.


  1. Future Plans

If the damage isn’t bad and you have no immediate plans to sell your building or move your business elsewhere, you may be able to get by with commercial roof repair for now.

However, if you’re looking at putting your property on the market in the near future, you need to consider what inspectors and prospective buyers will think of the state of your rooftop. You might be better off booking a commercial roof replacement now to increase your building’s value and justify a higher asking price.


  1. Potential Impacts on Your Business

Will the roofing job disrupt your day-to-day operations? If it’s a busy season for you, shutting down for a new roof installation could decimate your revenue. It might be worth it, in this case, to schedule a quick repair now and a complete replacement later when you don’t have as many customers, as long as the damage isn’t too severe.

The Takeaway

Your roof’s health is essential to the overall success of your business. Ultimately, the decision of whether to replace or repair your commercial roof should be made with the assistance of experienced professionals.

Paramount Commercial Roofing is always on hand to give business owners a professional opinion about their roof’s condition. Book regular commercial roofing inspections and enjoy full peace of mind!

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