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Longer Lasting Roof Coatings with Paramount

Roof coatings have been designed to protect your building from leaks. Their monolithic structure, self-adhering properties, and flashing capabilities make them practical to stop water damage in any environment.

Commercial Roof Coatings Benefits

Easy Installation

Silicone roof coatings require no primer to adhere to almost all roofing systems, significantly reducing the amount of prep work needed, making installing this easier than most roof options. There are many other benefits in addition to easy installation. 

No Leaks

Commercial roof coatings are an excellent investment for any business. They almost eliminate leaks from your property, and you may still have one or two rare occasions where it is possible to leak. Paramount can help with any rare leaks that happen.


Commercial roof coatings are essential to the success of any building. They can keep you cool, prevent leaks and even reduce energy costs by reflecting more sunlight away from your facility, all while protecting it.

Commercial Roof Coating Installation Process

Inspect Your Roof

Once you have inspected your roof, the next step is to ensure it’s a good candidate for coating. This means there are no standing pools of water on top after heavy rainfall or snowfall has passed through, not affecting how well roofs handle layers properly.

Make Any Repairs

You’ll need to make any necessary repairs, such as repairing sheet metal and fixing protrusions or removing wet insulation from past leaks before applying our coating because once it’s used, you won’t be able to access them.

Powerwash the Roof

Simply cleaning the roof off with a power washer will suffice to get the job done. Using other cleaning methods will work as long as the roof is clear of dirt and debris.

Install the Coating

When all the repairs and cleaning are done, your roof will be in tip-top shape for a new coat of paint. You can easily spray or roll on this protective sealant to protect it from weather damage while ensuring nothing penetrates beneath its surface.

If a primer is required for commercial roof coatings to adhere properly, it should be installed after power-washing the roofs. Primers are more common when using acrylic paints but can still happen with other types. Paramount can help you through every step of the way.

Commercial Roof Coating Maintenance

The maintenance of a commercial roof coating is easy to maintain. There are many different types and styles, but the principles remain: find any problems area clean it up until there’s no hole or cut in your layer. Then give it more layers.

Recoating Commercial Roof Coatings

The best part about commercial roof coatings is that they can be recoated after their life cycle, and therefore have many more years left.

When you’re ready to upgrade your roof, consider investing in a new layer of silicone coating, it will extend the roof’s lifespan by 20+ years. This will save you money by having to reroof the entire roof.

As a great system that is often just misunderstood, commercial silicone roof coatings can provide your business with many benefits. If you have any questions about these products or want to learn more about how they work for businesses like yours, give us a call today.
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