Cool Roofing

Highly reflective “cool” roofs help reduce energy needs for cooling, saves money through energy efficiency, and is a more eco-friendly commercial roofing solution.
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Cool Roofing Starts with Paramount

When it comes to the best value and performance from your new reflective roof, you can count on Paramount Commercial Roofing. Our roof will make your building more energy-efficient and save money on energy bills. We want Cincinnati, OH, to have the most efficient roofing systems provided by the best. Paramount Roofing Systems. We have been servicing the area for years and have helped property owners become more energy efficient when they are ready to save money on their energy bills and get the best value for their roofs. Our team is prepared to provide you with quality services.

Benefits of Cool Roof Installation

Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems offers a wide range of options for cool roofs, from modified bitumen to reflective coatings and special membranes. The technicians at our company can help you decide which option is best for your property.

Energy Efficiency

The most obvious benefit of installing a cool roof is the energy savings you will experience. You’ll be able to lower your building’s temperature, meaning less use for air conditioning during the summer months. A cool roof takes in less reflection from the sun leading to lower energy use.

Go Green

The environment would benefit from reduced energy consumption as well. By using less power, you’re not only helping Mother Nature but also reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change in the process.

Low Energy Use

With a cool roof, you can help reduce power outages and avoid those peak demand rates by using less electricity. Lower energy prices mean that it will be even cheaper for your building to operate. An electrical grid failure is quite common during the summertime when everyone in a concentrated area all has their air conditioners running at once. If you had cool roofing on your building, it would make sense that this strain will be much lower and may even mean reduced levels of local pollution too!

Extended Roof Life Span

By decreasing the temperature of your roof, you can extend its life. When a dark roof absorbs heat, it stresses construction and shortens lifespan. 

Having a cool roof will dissolve all these heat issues and has many other benefits. 

Benefits Extend To
Nearby Areas

Cool roofs can do more than keep your building cool in summer. They also help reduce the “urban heat island” effect caused by buildings absorbing high temperatures and making nearby areas hotter than they would otherwise be without these absorbents around them.

Cool Roof Options

Adding a light color coating to your roof can make it more reflective, cover existing leaks and cracks in the surface. This will create an older appearance without installing new structures on top.

Roofs with gentle slopes can also be covered with single-sheet membranes that have reflective and emittance properties. Tile roofs, often used in tropical climates, can be glazed to reflect sunlight better rather than absorb it.

The new reflective shingles are the best option for businesses that need a total roof replacement. These roofs often have chipped marble or gray slag topping spread into an asphalt base. This can reflect solar energy much better than traditional models do! Other types of these systems use specially-coated granules to provide similar benefits

Metal roofs are well-known for their coolness, but they also have another important quality: thermal emittance. The solar energy that is not reflected passes quickly into a metal building’s structure; this leads to higher temperatures in some cases! A layer of coating on top can help reduce heat absorption and reflection while increasing your home’s overall cooling efficiency.

To extend the lifespan of your roof, call us today. Our technicians are well versed in a variety cool roof techniques that can help you save money and make sure it performs for many years to come! We are the experts in cool roof installation and can provide the perfect solution for you. Let’s start your Cool Roof today!