Metal Roof Coatings

An affordable coating system for metal roofs that inhibits rust, stops leaks, and provides long-term performance at a fraction of the cost of a metal roof replacement.

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Metal Roof Coatings

If you are looking to replace your aging roof, metal is an affordable and durable option. Different materials can be used to make them, like galvanized steel or copper with varying installation systems depending on what best suits the needs in each situation. Metal roofs offer streamlined looks and increased energy efficiency. Today’s metal roofings have various options, so you can find the style that suits your building’s exterior renovations or new construction.

Benefits of Metal Roof Coatings

Long Life-Span

Metal roofs have many benefits, including an ultra-long lifespan. A standard metal roof can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years, while higher-end versions such as field locked seams and aluminum shingles may be able to outlast 100 or more.

Light Weight

Metal roofs are way lighter than other popular materials, like concrete tiles. The lightweight metal makes installation easy and helps you save on engineering for support structures because it’s so much lighter.

Seamless Installation

Metal roofing is ideal for a quick and easy installation. The metal’s lightweight nature makes it so that you can easily handle the panels or single pieces, giving your building an instant update with minimal effort! With many materials available in various widths up to 36 inches wide, plenty of options are available when considering new construction.

Maximum snow and rain shedding

This benefit is one of the most advantageous, especially if you live in an area where you experience the most precipitation.

Metal roofs are a great way to keep your building warm in winter and cool during hot summer days. The surface of the metal sheet is hard, slippery by nature which makes it difficult for snow or water accumulation on top, plus installing dark tones with an environmentally friendly product called PVDF coating doubles as well. In areas where there is heavy snowfall, having the snow easily come off your roof is a significant benefit, reducing the weight on your building.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs are an excellent way to reduce your monthly expenditures. Not only do they provide a high level of insulation, but metal also has better heat retention than other materials and can cut cooling costs by up 30%.

Energy Efficiency

Cool roofs can do more than keep your building cool in summer. They also help reduce the “urban heat island” effect caused by buildings absorbing high temperatures and making nearby areas hotter than they would otherwise be without these absorbents around them.

Metal roofs are great at reflecting the sun’s UV rays, preventing your building from overheating—the less heat in an attic, the lower the electricity bill.

is how quickly a product cools off after heat is removed. Your roof is exposed to extreme heat during summer days. The roof will soak in the radiant heat and transfer to the attic, warming up the building and increasing your AC bills.

Metal Roofs also help extend the life of an AC unit, which can be costly in energy bills if it’s not working correctly or frequently enough due to overheating from too much sun exposure at one time!

Metal roofing is a great way to help the environment because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or toxins. Metal also has an extensive life span, which means your investment will last you for many years.

The electricity you use daily comes from natural resources like coal, natural gas, and petroleum which are not renewable. By using cool-metal roofing, you are cutting down your electricity bill and minimizing the use of natural resources.

Metal roofs are durable, reliable, and great shade. They also provide an excellent surface for installing solar panels that can generate power on hot days when there isn’t enough wind or clouds in the sky.

Moss Proof

Metal roofs are an excellent investment for your building because they last much longer than asphalt or wood. They are immune to mildew, fungus, and pests that come with these materials. Metal Roofs protect your building much better than other viable options.

Metal roofs provide a variety of styles and colors that can complement nearly any type or style of building. They also have plenty to offer when considering which material will work best for you. Call Paramount to get the metal roof that works for you

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