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Metal roofs are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their building dry, as Metal is highly resistant and lasts longer than other types. Metal roofing comes in many colors with different shapes to fit any building type. 

Metal roofs are a great choice if you want your building to withstand harsh weather conditions. Not only do they last longer than asphalt shingles, but Metal also prevents moisture from seeping into the building and causes less risk for mold or rot as well. 

Metal roofs are among the most durable and long-lasting on today’s market. Metal can last up to 70 years, while many manufacturers offer a 30-50 year warranty.
Metal roofs are considered a more sustainable alternative for several reasons. The most important being that they’re environmentally friendly, and in many ways, Metal is the green choice.
The reflectivity of metal roofs is essential in reducing heat absorption during the summer months, saving you as much as 25% on your energy bill.

Metal Roof Repairs We Offer

Wear and Tear

Our team of trained professionals will respond quickly and efficiently, dealing with any leaks in your roof. We work to prevent any damages from reaching other parts of the building or property. 

Installation or Replacement

There’s no better choice when you need a new roof than our team. We have the tools and resources to get things done right – from customizing your options to quality craftsmanship with every project we complete.


Investment in a commercial roof coating is an investment that will yield high returns. It can make your building more attractive, increase its value and make it waterproof. Not only does the right kind of waterproofing prevent leaks, but it also helps reduce energy costs by reflecting heat away from sensitive electronics on-site.

A commercial roofer wearing a safety harness and helmet inspects a flat roof with a white reflective surface in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Metal Roof Repair

You deserve a metal roof that looks and performs just as well in all types of weather. We can help you find the perfect design for your building, no matter what condition it’s currently in. Our team is dedicated to providing any metal repairs that are needed. 

Types Of Metal Roofing.

We offer various metal roofing options, including tee-panel and curved panels. We also carry high seam panels that have been designed to overlap one another for additional protection against water damage in heavy rains or snowfall conditions. Zee lock systems where tiles are installed at different heights along the edge. Zee locks have an open lattice design instead. It’s perfect if you want something simple yet elegant. There are many more options available as well. We supply a variety of options for our clients to give them choices on what looks best. 

If you need a roofing contractor, look no further than Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems. Our technicians are trained and experienced to provide fast repairs with high-quality workmanship that will last for years. The promise of quality and excellent customer service is what sets us apart from any other company. Our dedication to exceeding your expectations lets you see how much we care about our work. Give us a call when you want to work with the pinnacle of commercial roofing companies. 

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