How long do roof coatings last?

Are roof coatings any good?

Are you not sure what roof and coating have in common? If you’re a business owner and have ever had repairs or replacement to your roof, you can appreciate how expensive it can be. Imagine being a commercial building owner!

They have more square footage to be concerned with, and then finding a roofing material that will last the longest is important. This is why commercial roof coating is important for those structures.

Commercial properties can take advantage of many roof coating benefits if the roof is in the right condition and depending on the where the building is located. When you’re trying to decide if roof coating vs replacement is best, commercial roof coating is a good cost-effective option. Take the time to research the two and consider the condition of your roof. The right commercial roof coating will depend on which one of the coatings you choose with, the options available are:

flat roof with a coating
  • Acrylic roof coating – a water-based product that is a cost-effective solution for several types of roofs in most climates making it the best value. An acrylic coating offers a first-rate balance of cost and performance. It is highly reflective and UV resistant. Roofing contractor prefers this over other commercial roofing coatings because of the ease to work with.
  • Polyurethane roof coating -when it comes to commercial roof coating, this is the best when it comes to impact resistance, if your roof experience foot traffic, this is the best choice.  Choose between aromatic polyurethane, the less expensive grade, or aliphatic polyurethane that is more UV stable and will hold its color better. Both grades of polyurethane commercial roof coating resist water ponding and because they come in white, they are a cooler roof.
  • Silicone roof coatings – this commercial roof coating is moisture-cured, humidity promotes it curing, and in some applications, the need for a primer is eliminated. This coating weather better than other coatings and doesn’t get brittle or hard doesn’t erode or pond water.

How do I prepare my roof for coating?

Before having a commercial roof coating installed, it is important to do proper preparation. If the roof surface isn’t clean and dry, no matter which commercial roof coating material you choose, it will not stick. Preparing the roof may need sweeping applying a primer, and seam repairs.

Roofing experts recommend using a primer on most surfaces, and some manufacturers require before they honor their warranty. For a multi-coat application, a base coat then a topcoat will minimize irregularities that can happen with the rollers. Commercial roof coating dries better in a low humidity a moderate temperature. If rain is in the forecast, it is recommended to put the commercial roof coating off.

How often should you coat a flat roof?

Commercial building typically has a flat roof and maintenance is important to extend the lifespan by staving off damage. Without any maintenance, a commercial roof will last ten years.

Commercial roofing experts recommend commercial roof coating to be applied every 5 years to keep the integrity and performance up to expectations. With professional commercial roof coating application on a regular schedule, the roof life expectancy can be up to forty years. The following three factors can affect this life expectancy as well:

  • Weather – Harsh climates will wear a roof down and degrade its integrity. Preventive roof inspection and maintenance with prompt repairs will extend a roof’s lifespan.
  • Roof Type – Each roof type has its own pros and cons, a professional roofing contractor can advise which is best for your building whether it is a flat roof, a low-sloped roof, or a pitched roof.
  • Roof Materials – Choosing the right roofing material is an integral part of the lifespan of a commercial roof. 
metal roofing on commercial building

How do you coat a metal roof?

It is vital before applying a fluid commercial roof coating to prepare the existing metal surface for it adhere. Using a power washer, do an intensive cleaning to remove any debris, dirt, caulk, grease, moisture, oils, or sealants.

  • Any loose panels should be reattached, and rust spots patched.
  • Patch any horizontal and vertical seams with seam tape.
  • Using a patching cement, smooth around any holes that are ¼ inch in diameter.
  • Use a polyester fabric and patch around irregular shaped penetrations.
  • Next, apply an inhibitive primer.
  • Finally, time to apply the commercial roof coating material with a brush or roller.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

There is specifically designed roof coating to prevent leaks that offer a 10 to 12-year guarantee. Before this commercial roof coating is applied, issues like contraction, expansion, and rust must be addressed, the surface clean and smooth. With the expense of commercial building upkeep overall, it is important to choose the right commercial roof coating and reapply every 5 years as recommended by the manufacturer. Getting the most for your dollar is a business decision every commercial business owner can appreciate. Want roof coating for your commercial roof in Cincinnati, OH? Call 800-773-4964 today.
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