Commercial Roof Coatings

Cincinnati’s weather is cold, wet, and snowy during the winter months. There’s no type of weather that’s harsher on a roof, as long-term exposure to cold will eventually weaken a structure. That’s especially concerning for a commercial building. If something happens to it, repairs could cost thousands of dollars, which will eat up money you’ll need to invest in your business.

How can you combat this? It’s simple – it’s time for your property to get a roof coating.

Here, we’ll explain what this is, why you need it, and where to get the best commercial roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio.


What is a Commercial Roof Coating?

This feature is an increasingly popular addition to roofing systems. Commercial roof coatings are a valued part of commercial roof restoration for the extra durability they give a property. A layer of material – the type varies based on the application – is applied over the top of the structure, effectively covering it.

It works the same way any other shielding structure does. Rain, hail, debris, and other harsh weather conditions will hit the coating first, not your roof. In this way, the coating would have to be completely overcome before the roof could be reached.

Even if the coating was completely worn through, your roof would still be as good as new.

And if there is damage to the coating, a contractor can recoat vulnerable areas to make it as good as new.


What are the Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating?

A coating protects your roof against the elements and extends its lifespan – learn how below.

It provides a barrier between the elements and your current roof. While others are trying to figure out what to do about their building before a storm hits, you’ll already be covered

The coating helps to trap air inside, regulating the temperature of the building and significantly lowering electricity bills.

It reduces the risk of leaks. This is arguably the greatest feature of industrial roof coatings, especially in a climate like Cincinnati’s. Leaks are devastating to a building if they’re allowed to fester.

It will prolong the lifespan of your roof by several years – even up to a decade. You need to employ a professional to perform industrial roof coatings. Something isn’t always better than nothing, and many DIY roofing projects are a testament to that. Instead of going that painful and expensive route, get in touch with  Paramount Commercial Roofing..

With an experienced company offering commercial roofing in Cincinnati, you can trust that you’ll get a product that will do its job and last. The first thing Paramount will do is figure out whether you need a full-on replacement or just a restoration, which they’ll do through a free inspection. From here, they’ll consult you about the best commercial roof restoration option for your situation.

When a plan is agreed upon, you can then choose from a selection of materials to have the coating made out of, along with additional options for features to keep your commercial building stylish. The application process will be quick and easy, and once it’s had between 8 and 24 hours to dry, you’ll be all set. Your business will now have the strongest protection possible against even the most abrupt seasonal changes.


Bolster Your Business

Your commercial building is the first selling point of your business. You want it to generate money for you, not cost it.

No matter what the style or size of your building is, it’s not only qualified for a roof coating but needs one now. Time to get started.


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