Built-Up Roofing (BUR Roofing)

A Time-Tested Option For Your Commercial Roof

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A tried and true roofing solution that has been used for decades

A built-up roof provides several benefits that make it attractive for investing in the building renovation or new construction. For instance, BUR roofs resist hail damage better than any other material on the market today while preventing leaks from occurring during extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and high winds.

Benefits of BUR Roofing

Low Maintenance

Built-up roofing is a more cost-effective solution to the needs of property owners because it requires less maintenance. Built-up roofs come in large sheets with very low profiles, meaning that they are much easier for your building’s structural integrity than architectural shingles and have fewer components that can break down over time or during an unfortunate storm event.


BUR roofing systems are ideal for high winds and inclement weather. They are durable and can resist strong winds. Its sturdiness makes it very weather resistant. 

Multi-Layer Protection

Built-up rooftops are made from bitumen, ply sheets and surfacing materials. These combined offer multi-layer protection with excellent insulation that helps keep the building cool during warm weather. Still, those layers also protect you from other types of damage, including water penetration or leaks in your building’s plumbing system.

Years Of Experience

We specialize in repairing and restoring roofs. Our experienced team can assess the condition of your BUR quickly, making significant fixes to it that will last for years with minimal maintenance required.


The built-up roofing is one of the most durable commercial roofs you can get. This type provides water resistance and prevents leaks, so it’s perfect for any building that needs to stay dry. 


BUR has a unique characteristic because it’s made of materials such as tar and asphalt. The roof essentially repairs itself by filling the cracks that may happen from extreme heat. 

Built-up roofs are a great way to provide your home with year-round protection. They’re also more aesthetically pleasing than traditional asphalt shingle or tile, and they can be cheaper in some cases because you don’t need any additional materials for installation

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